Baton Rouge Party Bus Events


This is the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Make sure you’re putting your trust into good hands when you look for a limousine or party bus rental for your wedding. Here at Baton Rouge Party Bus, we want to help you make your wedding a real life fairy tale. We have vehicles to handle any size or style of wedding party with all of the added luxuries you’d expect from a professional limousine rental service. With us, rest assured that transportation to and from your wedding will be nothing short of classy, comfortable, safe and flashy.


Whether you’re going off to prom, the highlight of the high school experience, the last big celebration with everybody you’ve gone to school with before actual graduation. Or, you’re going to homecoming to celebrate the high school football teams’ success this fall. Either way, the memories will last you a lifetime, so make sure they’re good ones and book with Baton Rouge Party Bus. Teenagers love the in-bus dance floors, ambient lighting and entertainment amenities such as large televisions and thunderous sound systems.

The best part about booking your child’s prom with us is that you’ll be assured of their safety every minute they’re with us. Our chauffeurs are comprehensively trained in all safety procedures, and they’re certified to the highest extent. Rest easy knowing your child will return safely at the end of the evening when you book with us.

Concerts and Festivals

Louisiana is full of nostalgic culture and the music scene is just a small example of that. The Gulf Coast is a great attraction for musicians and festival goers. Some of the festivals around here include Mardi gras, Voodoo Experience, Essence Music Festival, French Quarter Festival, Satchmo Summer Festival, and Detox at the Wet Spot. However, there’s a lot to think about when you go to a concert such as getting there on time, finding a place to park that won’t break the bank, and getting everybody together. You won’t have to worry about any of these things when you book with Baton Rouge Party Bus. Leave the worries behind and spend more time having a good time.

Sporting Events

The worst things about going to sporting events; fighting the traffic to get there, finding an expensive parking spot, and getting everyone together in one spot. However, when you book with Baton Rouge Party Bus, you don’t have to deal with any of these things. Big or small, let us deal with all the tiresome details while you sit back in a luxurious party bus or limo and party the night away. Whether you’re tailgating at LSU, cheering on the Saints or the Hornets, we’re equipped to make your night as special as it can be.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

It’s the infamous last night of freedom; don’t you want to celebrate it in style with your friends? Allow us to make your night as fun as it can be with our line of highly equipped vehicles. We have options for all kinds of styles and sizes of parties. We know where all of the best nightclubs and bars are in the Baton Rouge area, so you’ll know you’re living the night to the fullest. Don’t worry about designated drivers and where you’re going to park, book with us and let us worry about the details for you.