We have a wide of Baton Rouge party buses, stretch limousines, stretch Hummer limos, Trolley buses and so much more for our wonderful Baton Rouge customers. Doesn't matter if you are citizens or just visiting, where you're with us you are right at home. Even while cruising down the road on your way to your next exciting adventure. Baton Rouge Party Bus is your one stop shop for top tier luxury transportations driven by top notch professional chauffeurs but the catch is for the best pricing possible, we believe everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while no matter their class status, a special concert or prom split between all the passengers is very affordable. When you call us for a quote you will not be disappointed, that will continue as you have a blast during your trip, just relaxing or partying it up, just you and your friends, maybe even family. Depending on the kind of party, event or occasion you will be planning for your next luxury trip.

It doesn't matter if you just just a ride to or from the airport, corporate car service, an incredible day cruising the town in a classic Bentley, limousine or bus service, we have the perfect vehicle for your needs. Just make sure you call our team of booking specialists who are standing by to answer all of your questions and guide you though the questions we need in order to provide you with a free quote customized to your needs. If you wish you can go right ahead and book the vehicle on the spot, securing it for yourself or you can take some time to think about it or run the numbers by anyone else who will be paying or has say on what you will be renting. We are very open and honest when it comes to our pricing, if you get a quote from us and you shop it around you very well may find some cheaper offer, But going the cheapest route also comes with other costs, like the quality of the vehicles and services, not to mention other shady business practices like hidden fees sprung on you at the last second. It's very rare that our legitimate competition is able to beat us on pricing, it occasionally, does happen. If so call us back and let us know and we will see if their is anyway we can match or beat that for you, if not we will be honest with you and tell you that you would be better off going with them, since that is such a rarity we have no problem, with it and we wish you all the best. We will also be honest an tell you if we don't consider them to be legitimate competition, there are a group of us long standing pillars of the community with our friendly rivalries and then there are the fly by night places that try to come in and steal our collective business but cutting every corner possible then disappearing before they are caught up with by regulators sometimes just hopping state to state, sometimes just opening briefly fixing up a building a little bit, getting a barely used vehicle or two operating for a little while to make some profit before the big bills come due, then selling off the property for a profit as well as the vehicles, or even just the shady characters you may think of when you think limo boss. Simply put we just ignore them the best we can, we will not try to match the prices, and if you choose to use them wish you the best of luck. But we will never recommend them, where we would our real competition if we are booked up already, we would suggest you try them, or maybe even they just happen to have the exact vehicle you want which we don't offer. We would also send you to Taylor MI Party Bus and Party Bus Rental UtahBut we would never steer you in the wrong direction, and yes, pun intended.