Frequently Asked Questions

Baton Rouge Party Bus' Frequently Asked Questions

Can we smoke on the bus?

To keep our vehicles as fresh smelling, clean and unpolluted as possible, we do not allow smoking on any of our vehicles. Thank you for cooperating, and if at any time you need to stop for a cigarette or bathroom break let our driver know and they’ll be happy to pull over for you as soon as it's safe to do so.

Can I drink on the bus?

If you’re at or above the legal drinking age, you’re welcome to drink on the bus. However, we are not able to provide you with any alcoholic beverages. Also every passenger on the vehicle must be of legal drinking age for your party to enjoy alcoholic beverages.

Do I have to tip the driver?

Other than the minimal gratuity added into your original total, you are not required in any way to tip the driver. However, we consider our chauffeurs the best around and encourage generous tipping when you feel they deserve it, and with the high caliber drivers we have on staff for your trips they very often do.

What if I break something?

If you or your guests break something on the vehicle, you will be charged to replace it. Accidents happen from time to time and if we can easily fix it sometimes we can choose to wave any damage fees, but intentional or expensive damage will be charged to the person who made the reservation, if it was the fault of a friend you will have to settle that on your own. This is rarely an issue, so I won't worry much about it unless you plan on causing mayhem and getting completely out of control. We could also be charged for extensive clean up if you leave the bus a disgusting mess, just ask everyone to grab any mess in there area before leaving.

Where can I reach you?

You can reach us by telephone at 225-307-8122. We suggest giving out expert team of booking specialists a call to make sure you get the the ideal quote for your needs. They'll be able to walk you through every step of booking and provide your custom free quote.